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Hi. I’m pretty new to RW and have recently updated to 8.6.2. I have created a Photo Album but would prefer to show the images as thumbnails instead of automatically revolving through each photo. Is there a setting for this?

Which photo album plugin are you using? ProGallery stack is very good.
Also Gallery by Instacks. I am not familiar with the default RW gallery so I can’t help you

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Many thanks for replying.
I’m not 100% sure. I just clicked on the Add (+) button and selected Photo Album. Is there a default plugin that is used? How can I find out?

I just played around bit and its not so obvious if its possible to have thumbnails.

The 2 I mentioned above and also Nick Cates has a couple.
I use Pro Gallery from Will Woodgate. It’s V.good

Have a look at a site I used it on.

If you’re using the Photo Album page type there is a Gallery setting.

Add your photos, then open the Settings panel (1)

Change the album type to Gallery (2)

And hopefully this is what you want (3).



Many thanks Rob. That’s exactly what I needed. Much appreciated.

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