[Podcast] Ask us a question. Episode 44. 8th June

If you have a question you want me and @dan to answer, please ask us here!

We’ll do our best to answer it on the podcast this week.

Especially interested in any questions you have about RapidWeaver 7 :slight_smile:

Anyone got a question for us this week? Let us know what you need to know :stuck_out_tongue:

In another thread, a few of us were tossing around the idea of a Rapidweaver Challenge - where users (developers?) would get some sort of case study and/or set of parameters, and they’d have a set amount of time (12 hours, for example) to see what kind of site they could come up with.

Then the community could vote and the winner would be showered with adulation (and the presumable fame and fortune that’d follow).

Edit: Pre-empting Dan’s comment that none of the above is actually a question, what are your thoughts on such a contest?

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Rapid weaver seems to store files in the private section of your hard disk. This has reached a point for me where they now take up over 200gb of disc space. Given that my scratch disc is only a 500 gb ssd I am about to crash my mac. Does Rapidweaver have to run from the applications folder or can it run and then store these files on a external hard drive???

Episode 44 Question: Blogging/Social media
@ben , Is there a great way to integrate my Typed.com account with RapidWeaver? For example, if I blog from one of my three Typed accounts, can it link to a RapidWeaver-built site?

Thanks, and keep up this great podcast!

  • Eric

Blog stack by @instacks does this brilantly.


Hi @Nucifraga,

That sounds very strange, it’s not something we’ve seen before. Can you contact support@realmacsoftware.com with more information.

Can you include a screenshot of how you’re seeing that RW is using that disk space. Would be most helpful.


Im late… but maybe next week…

My server provides default php settings (v7.0) with option to select others.

Q: Are there any php settings that you recommend be enabled other than the standard?