Podcasts on site

Good day.

I have a customer that wants to have links to their Podcast placed on their website.

I don’t have any experience with that so was looking for some guidance.

Do I place a link that will open on their phone via Podcast app?

Or is there a stack that will play the podcast right on the web page?

I’m guessing I’d have to host the podcast on my server?

Thanks for any help.

Where do they have their podcasts at the moment?

Hosting on your own server is probably not a great idea, as you’d probably run into bandwidth and transfer limits, especially if it’s popular.

@pmjd Paul,

Actually, they just gave me more info (nothing like giving me all the info at once, huh).

They are hosting on Audioboom and Audioboom is distributing it to Apple and Spotify for them.

So, Audioboom has their own player that can be embedded on the website.

Otherwise, I’m guessing I can use any audio player Stack instead of Audioboom’s and just link to the podcast.


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