Poster Stack & Audio Issue

Has anyone successfully used the Poster stacks for a blog with audio at all?
I’ve finally bitten the bullet and decided to remake an entire 150 episode podcast site using the @instacks Poster stack.
It looks like it could be great, but having an audio player stack in a post seems to cause a conflict.
If I embed some standard html audio code then all is well. But anything more attractive such as the player stacks by @willwood and nothing plays.
Has anyone had the same problem and found a way around it?

That’s not a problem of Poster Stack, but the audio stack you want to use inside.
Please share a link, so that we can check and make both Stacks work together.
Cheers, Jannis


I’ve experienced zero problems. Currently using Will’s AudioPlayer stack.

Are you positive there’s a problem? Sometimes you may need to reload a page after publishing to see everything correctly.

Otherwise you’ll need to post an example link. The Player stack should work just fine also, but I guess there could be a problem. Doesn’t seem highly likely though.

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I’ve tried it with a few different themes and on 2 different Macs, but still have the same result.
I’ve uploaded a test page at but if you say that you’ve been using an audio stack with Poster with zero problems then maybe the issue lies elsewhere.
I’ll get the demos of Will’s AudioPlayer stack and test it out.

Your audio seems to load fine for me. I clicked on episode 152 and 154 and both episodes worked fine

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Works fine for me. Audio does not load very quickly on my iPod Touch, but computer is fine. I can download the audio file also (using download icon).

Did you have different audio there before? Slow bandwidth?

Below is a screenshot of what I see. Can hear fine.

You may also want to try:

  1. clear cache first
  2. now reload page


Thank you.
Could you do me a favour and just double check the second test post which is at
I’ve tried it on multiple devices and it really isn’t loading.

Episode 154 played fine. Episode 153 did not play. Are they using the same player/settings?

Glad I’m not going crazy.
They are the same settings, just with different Player ID’s

Ha, of course I skipped over 153 in my random tests. Yes, that is one is not loading for me either, but the other two (152 and 154) are

I was able to replicate this with the Audio Player Stack demo, and also able to fix that locally in this stack.

I contacted Will, should be an easy fix.

Thanks, Jannis


I could not play 153 at first, but went back to the main page, back into permalinked post, and then it would play! I have no idea what’s going on, but apparently Jannis knows!

Thanks team.
You’re all amazing, and I really appreciate your help and support.

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All who experience problems with Will’s media players are welcome to open a support case on the stacks4stacks website…

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Making the best out of it, I just released v1.9 of Poster Stack with an additional Media Player stack, using the audio and video html5 controls.

In addition: Anyone who wants to publish his (iTunes) podcast with Poster Stack, let me know :wink:
v1.9 now also supports the generation of an iTunes Podcast Feed.


That’s really cool. A media player build into Poster. Amazing update.


Very nice additions. Thanks!

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Big shout out to Will Woodgate for his work in helping to ensure his audio and video stacks work well with Poster.
I’ve been testing them this last week, prior to their automatic updates, and his AudioPlayer, VideoPlayer and the gorgeous Player 2 Stack are working seamlessly.
If you use Poster and want to embed something other than the standard html media player built into the browsers then Will’s stacks are a great way to go.


Richard: That’s great news! And not a surprise that @willwood would update his stacks to work better with Poster. I look forward to the updates!


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