Pop-up Box in a Screens Page Stack

Hi to all

I’m trying to use the POPBOX Stack (by 1LD - I hope someone knows it) in a Foundation base site with Screens Stack of Joe Workman.

This is the problem:
Pop-up window of PopBox works only in the FIRST Screens Page Stack. Then it doesn’t work anymore; that is, it doesn’t work in the next pages.
I don’t know how to fix this problem.
Has someone experience about Stack Screens and PopBox?

Here it is an example, I enclose the link of a little sample: in the first Screen page, the Button-Price works well and opens a pop-up of PopBox window; instead in the next page below, the screen fades but the popup window doesn’t appear… it doesn’t appear anything.
I also tried with Target Stack. No result.
In fact, it seems that PopBox works ONLY in the FIRST Screens Page.
Who can help me?

Thanks a lot


Does it work with Reveal? Just as a test…

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Hi Joe,

Ok, I’ll try. Thanks.

I know this doesn’t help fix anything but the second Popup is indeed showing up, it’s just displaying in the first screen instead of the second one. If I go in to browser inspector and change the margin of that second popup from its current setting (~82px) to something way higher (e.g. 882px), it’ll come into view.


Great! It works!
Thanks a lot, Joe.
But, now, I must place the pop-up in the center of the page.


Hi Jason. Thanks! This is a bit complex for me. I’m not an expert. I’ll try this way too, to fix the problem.

Thanks a lot.

I was just noting something for interest’s sake, mostly (it won’t help you fix anything). Joe’s got you sorted with the suggestion to use Reveal instead.

I had a suspicion the PopBox Stack showed the box in another (wrong) position along the page… But I can’t modify the behaviour of this Stack in the settings.
Thanks a lot for your advice. :slightly_smiling_face:


You can shoot a support request to 1LD. Might be fixable.

Hi Joe,
sad to say, in MOBILE MODE the revealed Lightbox fills the height of the screen, with blank space below. I’ve tried with the settings, but the result is the same.
Besides, if the contents exceeds the Screens Page, there isn’t scrolling in the contents of revealed box. The contents remains fixed, interrupted at the end of the screen.
I’ve tested with the emulator and my phone.

How fix that?

New example:


that is just how reveal works. It maximizes the space on a mobile device so that the contents in the lightbox are easier to read. I think that it works great in your setup.

Ok. Thanks Joe!

Hi Jason,

Which Inspector do you use? And which browser with?


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