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I’m looking for a lightbox/gallery stack to show visitors a swatch selection. I like the Yuzool ‘Box’ stack, but it only seems to come in a bundle for $77! I have absolutely no need for any of those other stacks. Am I missing something? Is this stack available on its own?


Nope, none of the stacks in that bundle are available on their own anymore.

There’s a few other good gallery stacks out there though. Gallery 3 by Instacks is well-reviewed. Will from Stacks4Stacks has a couple…

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How about this one?

@joeworkman Expose?

He sells the Box 3 stack without the bundle, scroll down on his store page

Thanks. Yes, I HAVE found it on its own now. How did I miss it before?!?

Thank you!

I bought that stack…Sadly it turned out not to the ‘Box’ stack. 'Box 3’is different. I cannot find a support email for them - I am hoping I can get a refund, as the stack is completely useless to me.


hey, sorry to hear about that, you can use @yuzool to see if he responds here.
did you see his tutorial video?

Thanks. Yes, I watched the video…The App is simply not behaving consistently.


If you would like some help/assistance in achieving your project goal:

[1] Can you publish a test page showing the issue? It does not need to be part of the main site or anything like that. Any page. Any URL. Just so that we we can see what you are seeing - and inspect the page DOM/Sources/Console and things to see what might be going on. We can often tell a heck of a lot from this. Share the URL to the test page here.

[2] Articulate as plainly as possible what you are trying to achieve as compared to what is happening in the test page. Appreciate you are frustrated but “The app is not behaving” is not useful information, I’m sure you understand.

[3] What exactly did you buy? What version, exactly?

  1. https://www.evermorealbums.com/SITE/leather
    (disregard the poor formatting of the temporary page, otherwise)

  2. Note that the first Box has 90px thumbnails. Although I tried a ‘copy & paste’ and recreated one from scratch, the second Box on the page maintains 350px thumbnails - even though I have entered 90px in the field. I would like the second box to have 90px thumbnails also (as well as subsequent boxes)

  3. I bought ‘Box 3’ thinking it was ‘Box’. I have Box 3.0.

Forgive the vague message earlier. It was getting late and at that stage I thought a refund would be the best option. Perhaps I can salvage something out of what I bought.

Thanks for your patience with me!

Cheers from Down Under,

Thank you :slight_smile:

Okay… on that page there are CSS references which are expected but missing. There is also a javascript file which is expected, but again, missing. These files are necessary for the correct operation of the stack/page.

Before we go any deeper, lets try to address that. It could be a publishing error. Can you please attempt to republish ALL files? Mark everything on the page as changed and republish ALL files. Post back when done, please.

Thank you.

The page was published by exporting the files to my hard drive, and then transferring them via FTP. I did this for completeness, and as this is a temporary location for the site only. If I publish directly from Rapidweaver, it will overwrite the temporary site/placeholder that I have online. It’s for this reason that some of the formatting is out of whack too – as I haven’t exported some of the shared folders. That aside – even the simulation within Rapidweaver, that has access to everything, is previewing the two boxes as they appear online.

I still can’t understand why one Box would work and the other wouldn’t. If there are shared files missing, then surely both boxes wouldn’t display correctly, right?

I’ll republish tonight using the export feature within Rapidweaver (ensuring I change the destination location settings first). I’ll post another reply when I’ve done that.



What happens when you deselect ‘Consolidate CSS’ in RW settings?

Also… what happens when you try the same layout in a different theme?

Thanks for the suggestions.

Consolidating CSS: no difference
Different theme: no difference


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