Yuzool Pop Up Stack

Is there anybody around with some infomrations aboutnthe Pop uo stack from Yuzool. Cause on the seller platform there’s nobody to ask some questions about this thing.

Which stack do you mean? I looked on the yuzool store and could not find a ‘popup’ stack? Is it the modal stack maybe? What questions do you have? Do you have a URL where we can see the issue?

Hey, it should be the modal stack. there’s a pop up integration. Just working on the container. but it looks like this is not flexibel.

I don’t know if I fully understand what you are saying.

Can you publish a simple page which demo’s the problem. Post the URL to the test page here along with a description of what you are expecting to see - that way we can inspect the issue and, more often than not, tell you what is wrong and suggest something to get you there.

I would like to publish, but when i publish this s… nothings changed even if im reloading the page. If im using the Preview mode of safari i can see the changes even they are not properly.

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