Transfer existing Wordpress blog to new RW site?


I have a Wordpress blog installed on my creaky old (non-RW) website, which I plan to rebuild in Rapidweaver soon. The blog has many articles and various media, but with comments disabled.

Assuming that I rebuild my site with Rapidweaver 8 (and Wordpress, for the blog portion of the site only), I propose to copy, using my web host’s control panel, all the blog subfolders (wp-admin, wp-content, and wp-includes) that currently reside in my old website into a /blog folder on my new Rapidweaver site.

Question: I’d like to ask whether there is a way to integrate those existing blog pages into the new Rapidweaver site, with their formatting preserved?

The goal is to create a functioning blog using content from the old site as is, without having to copy each article into a new blog page, re-upload each media item, and reformat and publish each article according to its original publish date on the old site.

Note: I am considering using yabdab’s WordPress Stack, but am also looking for other options.

Being able to incorporate the existing blog into a new RW blog would be a tremendous time saver. To be honest, I’m not sure I would proceed with adding a new Wordpress blog to the new RW site if I had to rebuild it from scratch.

Thanks for your help with my question!


Cannot guarantee that, though.

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