Possible Bug Report: Are Theme Styles presets still an option for themes?

@simon: In the past developers could add a folder within a theme titled Theme Styles and place into it saved Theme Styles so that they would be available to the user, serving as a sort of set of pre-built configurations for the theme. Is this still a feature? I ask because I’ve added a Theme Styles folder within a theme and added to it a .rwstyle file but it is not showing in the Theme Styles drop down in the theme variations.

Just wondered if it was still a feature, or if something changed, or if it is a bug. Are you able to create a custom theme style and then place it within a theme and it appear as it should in the Theme Styles dropdown?

@simon: Quick update – @weaver and I think we’ve narrowed it down to Theme Styles created in the more recent versions of RW. Theme Styles from previous RW versions will display fine when added to the Theme Styles folder inside of a theme, but it appears if you create a Theme Style with a more recent version of RW, then move it to the theme’s internal Theme Styles folder it is not recognized. Seems like it may be due to how the .rwstyle file is being created in RW 7.

Bumping this up to the top in case it was missed.

Thanks for this. If you can send us something reproducible we can get it fixed (e.g. a project that demonstrates the issue).

FYI: Bug reports are best emailed to me - dan@realmacsoftware.com, that way I can deal with them. I can’t keep tabs on everything posted in the forum.

The problem is not tied to a specific project or theme. If you create a new theme style in any theme or project using the latest builds of RW, then take the theme style you created and place it within a theme’s contents in a folder titled “Theme Styles” as is how it has been done in the past, that theme style does not show up in that theme’s list of Theme Styles in the Page Inspector.

Note, if you have a Theme Style created in previous versions of RW, say like RW 6, and it is within a theme’s internal Theme Styles folder, it will work just fine.

Hope this helps.