Post to Facebook from Website?

Is there a Stack that will post directly onto Facebook (create a post) from a post of a website feed? (I know they exist to embed from Facebook to a website, but I’m hoping for the opposite.)

Thanks. -Aaron

Look into something like IFTT, which can monitor RSS feeds and post to Facebook when new posts appear.

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Something like Sharestack?

Sharestack doesn’t have an Instagram button. Any chance of adding it @willwood ?

My understanding is that Sharestack is for sharing a link to the page that it’s been placed on to your FB, Twitter etc. feed. It’s a manual thing, rather than anything automatic.

Since Sharestack shares a link to the page that the stack is on, how would that work on Instagram?

Indeed, Rob. The OP didn’t specify that it would need to be an automated thing - which I’d imagine would be fraught, even if it is possible?

Sharestack works well for me - yes, there’s some minimal manual input needed, but anyone can, for example, share one of our Alloy blog posts to their FB, LinkedIn, Twitter feeds, or I can do the same to the Company’s social pages.

Absolutely, but the OP talked about sharing a website ‘feed’ - which implies to me some form of automatic act.

I guess we’ll find out at some point… :wink:

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What exactly would an Instagram button do?

As of May 2021, Instagram only lets you upload new images or video via the official Instagram website and smartphone apps.

If you want to add a custom button that links website users to your Instagram profile (so they may follow you) then that’s easy enough to do already.

Simply setup a custom button in ShareStack and assign it a link, just like the same link to my Instagram profile:

ShareStack has support for up-to 5 custom buttons. Have you tried this already? It is working for me.


SociableKit does automatic integration of Facebook posts on your website.
And does the other way round: automated posting on social media platforms from your blog.
I use both and the work really well. Support from both is excellent!


So, in order for a blog feed (RSS) to post to Facebook, it looks as if the answers are these solutions (but not a Stack): “IFTTT” or “”. Thank you all!

Thanks Will. Yes, exactly what I was after and works.

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