Blog Poster syncing to Facebook

Hi all,

I hope you’ve all had a great Easter break…now get back to work! :smile:

I have just purchased Poster @instacks … great blog stack Jannis, still getting my head around the possibilities.

One thing I’m not sure about and hoping…???

  1. If it’s possible.
  2. How to achieve it.

I been using Squarespace for my blog for a few years and now moving it all over to RW and Poster.

One of the features that I loved with Squarespace was that I could do a blog post and it would automatically send it to my Facebook page as a post…photos the lot…saved a lot of double handling. I’m aware there is a social stack with Poster but it doesn’t seem to send a post to my Facebook page…seems to just be share buttons.

Is it possible to achieve such a thing with either Poster or another RW stack?

Thanks for all your help…again.

Cheers Scott

Thanks Scott. Let’s continue here:

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