Share blog posts to social media platforms?


I searched and found sharestacks. Does it work in RW 7? Downloaded the demo, watched the youtube video; 5 years old, and can’t get it to work.

Any suggestions?


Tagging @willwood, ShareStack is one of his.

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Can you elaborate? ‘Can’t get it to work’ doesn’t really help in troubleshooting.
Which version of Stacks are you using, for example?

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From the email I got sent (and have already replied to), I got the impression that @rekh was trying to install ShareStack into the Blocks plugin, which I’ve suggested isn’t going to work.

Any addon stack elements (like ShareStack and anything else marketed as a stack) needs the Stacks plugin.

There’s no other way around that, without hiring me to write some social media sharing code you could paste into a Blocks page type.

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Yes. That’s what I was trying to do. Seems I was mistakenly trying to get ShareStack to work without the Stacks plugin.

Thanks for responding to my email, wildwood, and thanks forbesrodney and robbeattie for responding here.

Poster 2 has this feature in inbuilt:

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