Poster Stack + Comment Stack for Class Blog

For the past few years, I’ve been using Armadillo+Disqus for a couple of class blogs (around 40 students each) for low-level English speakers (mostly Japanese). But there are always several students who just don’t get the hang of Disqus registration/usage, and I’ve wasted a lot of class time going over it.

As an alternative, am thinking of using Poster Stack (very interested, but haven’t bought yet) together with Comments Stack (have). Would this be easier from the user’s viewpoint? Any comments appreciated.

Yes. Both brilliant stacks, easy to integrate and work well together.

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Are you talking about the Comment stack by Doobox?

Here is a description for the Stacks4Stacks comments stack:


And a demo:


No, the Comments stack from Stacks4Stacks

Thanks Jannis, I’ve seen that. Looks very straightforward.


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