Stack for comments (self-contained)?

Is there a stack that can be used for adding comments/feedback to any kind of Stacks-page? I need such stack and it has to be self-contained (non-dependent on 3rd party services like Disqus).

BTW, @instacks, this would be a perfect optional companion for your Poster, which only supports Disqus as of now.


Yes, thinking of a like-system. But all comment features need some user management and caveats around that. So relying on disqus (or FB comments) is the easiest.


@Rovertek Why does the commenting system need to be self-contained? I use Disqus on a lot of sites where we want the discussions to be private amongst members. Disqus combined with Sitelok and the Disqus plug-in for Sitelok work great. There has been some sort of vague announcement from Disqus about perhaps allowing private conversations via SSO only if someone has a paid account: but no details, no confirmation, that I know of.

@instacks There’s been no Poster updates for at least 48 hours. Slacking off? :slight_smile:


Hi, Mathew,

I don’t have a paid account with Disqus and I don’t have Sitelok, either. And you’ve guessed it: it is a security matter. I don’t want unauthorized people to sneak into some portions of the website through Disqus comments. I just want to be able to fully control maintaining comments/feedback within a private site without using yet another paid service and/or password protection.

@Rovertek Right now there is no such thing as a Disqus paid account (that I know of). It is unclear whether this will be needed.

If not using Sitelok how are you securing portions of your website? (You’ll need this regardless of Disqus or other commenting product.)

There may be some PHP based products that you can buy at places like CodeCanyon (sp?) and others.

Those private portions of the website in question are already password-protected with another solution (PrivateEyes from seyDesign/Will Woodgate).

I am not sure whether or not Disqus comments can be made private, so that Disqus search will not reveal those private comments. Do you know how it works?

Would ‘likes’ be enough?

Doobox also has a star rating stack.


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No, Rob. I need something more elaborate, so that the actual comments and/or feedback could be returned.

Thanks for your suggestion, though. Maybe @Doobox could take its own LoveIt stack and make Comments stack based on the same principle?

Yes, Disqus conversations can be private if you use a SSO system. But you need to have something that works in conjunction with Disqus. So the huge advantage of Sitelok is that it does offer a SSO system to work with Disqus (it’s an extra plugin to work with Sitelok).

Only about 10 days ago Disqus made the official announcement about changes and now offering subscription pricing. I believe Adrian at Sitelok is still investigating how this will impact their Disqus plugin. Depending on his findings I may need to move to a different method for commenting in the future: possibly something like a discussion board (Vanilla, etc.).

Thanks, Mathew. Since subscription plans are out of the question for me, I think I will have to look for a different solution. Perhaps Jannis will come up with a companion comments stack for the Poster, along the lines I suggested. That would be the best and natural solution, since Poster is also self-contained.

What about:

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I’d be careful with Backsnap. It’s no longer listed on their front page as one of their stacks for sale. And the Backsnap page speaks to Stacks 2 (not Stacks 3). So this stack may have been retired. But it’s certainly worth emailing Yabdab to find out the full story.

I take it back. Backsnap still is on their main page! (I misread something.) I’d email them anyways, but it could be a good product for you.

Thanks, Stuart, I’ll check it out…

Still, I am counting on you, Jannis!

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Rob: Yes, if Jannis came up with something that would be fantastic. But it’s also a nontrivial problem to solve.


I never make comments to any website where to be allowed to do so I am required to register with a third party, such as Disqus, beforehand. I don’t mind having to register with the site itself, but not a third party comment provider.

Amongst my favourite sites where comments are welcomed (without needing to first register with anyone) is Wolf Street. You might like to contact WS and find out how he does it.

Sitelok has their own Blab! plug-in that can be implemented as a self-contained, pay once, commenting system.

Thank you, Christopher, but since Blab! is a plug-in for the Sitelok system, it can not be called “self-contained”. I need a stack that could be used independently of any other addon (unless it is a part of Poster, which I am already using and it does not require any further registration with any 3rd party).

I am hearing you :slight_smile:

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Are you “hearing” or are you “blabbing”? :slight_smile:

BTW, that would be a very nice update to Poster.