Introducing CommentsStack

This is a small, simple, smart and self-contained commenting solution for anybody wanting to add a basic comments box to a webpage. CommentsStack is ideal for collecting product ratings, user feedback / bug reports, guest book entries or other comments. Some of its key features include:-

  • No complicated database - comments are stored in a single plain text file, editable on your web server
  • Zero dependency on outside services - no more integration of slow, buggy and intrusive Facebook, Google+ or Disqus code
  • No personal, identifiable user data is collected - (e.g. IP addresses or email addresses) so this solution conforms well with the EUs most recent privacy laws
  • Several basic security layers - including bad word lists, maths questions and restrictions on what a user can enter in the comments box
  • Comments are displayed instantly - with unique permalinks and the ability to get sent a simple email notification
  • Massively customisable - lots of powerful options to customise how the form looks and everything is language translatable
  • Extra features - like pagination and multi-column masonry layouts for larger collections of comments
  • Powerful ratings - easy to toggle off if not required or take advantage of our ‘opensource’ approach towards building a custom ratings system
  • Works perfectly behind a firewall - making it ideal to build into a Sitelok or Lockdown private membership website

This stack will not be for everyone. If you want multi-thread comments or email moderation - then forget it - this stack is not for you! But if you have modest commenting requirements and have grown tired of what the big companies force you to use, this could potentially be a brilliant solution. The premise of keeping everything 'in house’ certainly bodes well with respecting user privacy and having total control over the complete setup.

You’ll find CommentsStack works with most RapidWeaver themes. A free demo version is provided, which you can use to fully evaluate CommentsStack and explore the wide choice of features provided in this v1 release. If you have support questions, please get in contact through the website support page.

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Great stack! Does it use Cookies? :grimacing:

I can do, if you want to limit repeated submissions from the same person in close succession. The options are available to you in the stack settings.


Seems like a perfect solution for my limited commenting/rating requirements. I’ve been waiting for something like that for a very long time.


Love it. Bye bye to Disqus! thanks, @willwood !


@willwood Nicely done! Several great features in this stack. No more Disqus for me!

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As I already got lots of requests if inStacks Poster Stack is working together with CommentsStack in a generic way:

I guess yes, I have a prototype already working with it :+1:

I will update you in the coming days :smiley:


Sounds good, I look forwards to it :smiley:

A description how to enable a Poster Stack integration can be found here: inStacks Software | Poster Stack - Blog and Multi-Purpose Content Stack

Thanks @Mathew for double checking :smile:

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Just wondering if this can be appplied to Yabdab’s BackSnap


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