Poster stack 'back' button not working as expected

Hi there, my page is here:
I’m using Poster Stack to create my blog posts, but I’ve just noticed that if I hit the ‘back’ button at the foot of a blog post, it doesn’t take me back to the main page because the header is lost.

Am I using the stack wrong?

Many thanks for any help.

What’s the main page? Which header is lost? What’s your exact expectation?

The functionality on your page works exactly as designed.


Hi Jannis, thank you for your reply. So when I hit the ‘back’ button after reading a blog post, it does take me back to the main blog page so that I can see all the blog thumbnails, but I can’t see my header area with the contact details, blog header and navigation menu at all.

I see. Somehow your theme does not like having a hash # in the URL (

Please uncheck the option to scroll to poster top, so that this hash anchor will not be included in the URL any more.

I’m using Foundation. I don’t see a scroll to poster top option but I do have a ‘link poster top’, is that what you mean?


Brilliant, works perfectly, thank you for your help as always :-).

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