Poster stack item: meta "property=og:image" tag missing

I have a Foundry-based website.
Facebook is unable to find the og:image meta tag of my poster items, even if an image is present in the poster item content.
Analyzing the HTML code of the rendered page, in fact, the og:title, og:url, og:description meta tags are present, but the og:image meta tag is missing.
I tried to add different types of image stacks to the poster item (from different stacks developers), with same results.
Actually the main content of each poster item contains a Paragraph Pro text with a floating image (child stack of PPro).
Any suggestion? Thanks

There is a image url input field in the item stack settings.

Put there the full url to the image.

This will lead to a correct image meta tag, which you are expecting.

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Oh, yes! It works! Thank you very much…

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