Facebook meta OG image and Armadillo

I know there’s a lot of posts about ‘Facebook and Meta tags’, etc. but this one is specific to the Armadillo stack.
Armadillo allows you to input meta stack info…

And I’ve done that but Facebook continues to use the banner image for my site instead of the image with the blog post.
I’ve debugged the page several times but nothing changes.
Here’s the page I’m trying to put on facebook using the ‘blockbuster video’ image.
Jonathan (Nimblehost) says he’s not super knowledgeable about how Facebook interprets meta data so I’m asking here if anyone has any clue why this might not be working.
Here’s the social meta data checker results

I’m not at a Mac right now, just a iPad so I don’t have any developers tools.

But using Facebooks developers tools it’s showing that for the following URL https://www.morningmooseshow.com/Blog/?post_id=24&title=is-radio-the-new-blockbuster you have an og:url Meta Tag: https://www.morningmooseshow.com/Blog/index.php

Unfortunately I can’t look at any code until I get to a real computer and not just a iPhone on steroids (aka iPad).

Your screenshots don’t show what og tags you have added to the post.

Also your getting an error on the image

Here’s the tags I added to the post.

Not sure why the error is occuring

I had the ‘Meta Tags’ populated in the RW page’s ‘code’ section in ‘SEO’ and so, apparanently, Facebook defaults to this stuff regardless of the meta data you put into the blog page settings in Armadillo.
I cleared out these and everything published/shared as wanted.


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