Poster2 Tags Wordwrap

Using Poster2 as a RW Blog replacement and I have set up the sidebar as shown in the tutorial
However, the tags field does not wrap inside the sidebar until it reaches a hyphenated word, or a 2 word tag, as shown in the attached screenshot.
Is this a feature of Poster2 or a result of it’s interaction with the theme - Forest from ThemeFlood?

A URL would be helpful.

Sorry, can’t do that, it’s a Sitelok protected site.

Can’t help you then.

You’ll need to wait for someone who knows CSS, has poster2 are using the same theme to come along.

It will probably be a simple CSS fix.

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@adger If teefers can’t help you then you may be waiting a mighty long time. It’s worth your while to help out people who are willing to help you! What to do? Many things are possible. One would be to create a new page that is not sitelok protected and has dummy content (if you need to hide the content). That way somebody can investigate the problem.

… or you can wait … and wait … and wait. Up to you.


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