PPHPJABBERS code needs a Foundation tweak, but how?

Hi there,
I’m setting up an events calendar using phpjabbers script, but have run into a little blockage, hope someone can help. My page is here: https://www.thearthouseoasis.com/calendardummy/. When you click on an event in November, it comes up with the booking form at the bottom, but the captchga isn’t showing. Apparently it’s because of the following Foundation code:
" The problems come from the CSS of your page and more precisly from
file which applies global styles. You can see on the attached screenshot that if disable max-width for image class then the captcha shows."

My question is, what am I supposed to do to fix it? Something in Foundation?
I’ve got the Foundation 1 column set to full width no gutter but I need to look for an image class? Need some help if possible, thanks!

Try adding this CSS

.form-group img {
    max-width: none;

Fantastic thank you so much! :slight_smile:

@teefers This is the answer I expected from the PHPJabbers support… :+1:

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