The feed stack is not responsive in the original foundation it just disappears

I have been scratching my head again with the feed stack, it must have a bug as instead of responding to size change it does a disappearing trick. I have just bought the responsive stack and it makes no difference, i have posted quite frequently of late, so have left this until now. But it’s freaking me out now.
I am going to uninstall it, and reinstall it and see if that makes a difference.
Is Catalina safe, it just does’t feel as though it is?

This JS that you added to the page is breaking everything.

remove the script tags from your JS code.

Many thanks Joe I have deleted them in rapid weaver but I see that they are still there when I check the source is there a simple way of doing this I am not a coder

If you post JS into the Javascript area, you should not include the opening and closing <script></script> tags. RW adds them, and you cannot have them nested.

It’s probably easier, if you paste the original code (with the script tags included) in the “Head” area.

Many thanks Don, I have removed the script tags, completely yet when I republish they are still there, so I am completely at a loss. And the site is still playing up. I have tried editing out the tags and saving it but the home page didn’t publish after I uses FileZilla to upload and overwrite the file. The home page didn’t load afterwards so I republished the file via RW with the tags deleted, but on checking the source code again the tags were still there.

<script data-cfasync=“true” src=“rw_common/themes/foundation/foundation.min.js?rwcache=597188999”>

Should all the tags in Bold be removed

Well well well, I copied and pasted the whole code as in Joe’s reply but it has faded out the bit that says

 document.body.className += ' fade-out'; 

Hmmm looking at the way it has been interpreted above shows that there are 3 script tags that need removing, would I be right in assuming that.

If you put JavaScript into the JavaScript area, then RapidWeaver wraps it with script tags so yes remove all script tags.

If you put the code into the head area then it must have the script tags.

I just checked your home page and it appears to be working. I do not see any errors in the console. Is it working as intended now?

Many thanks Don, you say it is working okay does it include the feed, because every time I resize the page all the feed disappears, leaving the top banner two paintings and an impact slider?

Ok, I do see that your feed disappears. The original problem (intro not fading out) works fine. I also do not see any javascript errors, so I don’t think the script tags area problem any longer.

Are you sure you don’t have anything set to only show that gallery at a certain screen size?

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