Shoutout to Foundation Box & Joe Workman

Just a quick public note of thanks to @davidefan and @joeworkman for going above and beyond yesterday. I have a new site, based on a Foundation Box project, that is going live tomorrow. The site, which was 90% finished, was hung up because I could not get the Contact Us forms to work. After troubleshooting a litany of suggestions and working with the techs at DreamHost, I was about to give up. But, Davide arranged a three way Zoom call and Joe basically walked me through a few more suggestions. Voila! One of them half-way worked - which meant we were on the right track. Ten minutes later, Davide figured out the issue and all is right with the world (something was missing on MY end, the issue was NOT with Speak Pro or with anything on Joe’s end). So, long story short- fantastic after-sales customer support by both Foundation Box and Weavers Space. Many thanks to Davide and Joe. And, I’ll post a link to the dual-language site once it goes live. It was a piece of cake to design and implement thanks to Speak Pro and TCMS.


Awesome, that’s great to hear!

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Glad that we got you up and working! Good luck with the site launch tomorrow.

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Good luck with the launch Dave! Happy that was an easy fix.

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This is a great community and Joe, Chris, Davide and others deserve all our appreciation and support


They are awesome!! This RW Community is the reason I chose RW.

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