Preset stack (Image and Text) template overlaying a image file

Hello everyone,

Can anyone recommend a stack to solve my problem?

I have a portfolio page which I want the images to have text or image overlaying another (on 2 different parts of the image).

I would move the image into the template stack that comes with the necessary overlay done, saving editing time.

I have the tried the following stacks but not quite there yet. Either when the image is sized down, the overlay text/image appeared in inappropriate ratio (even after adjusting), or the image is by default crop to unsuitable dimension- Portrait turn to landscape image - Below is the screen capture of the stack that shows the image changes the dimension by itself. My images are arranged in 5 columns

I have already tried the following stacks and aware of this software Photobulk for mass watermark (not efficient enough for my work flow).

This stack fits me the best but every unloaded portrait image turns to square during preview or upload, cropping the important parts. The developer is looking into my problem now.

Thank you!

Have you looked at this one?

I did and never thought that it can overlay on image too. My main concern - would the image comes out in square mode when I upload a Portrait image.

No, not that I can see, why do you think it would display square?
But images and sizing images can always be troublesome and I suppose be affected by the theme.
As always, it’s best to post a link to your page and someone here will probably have a solution, or an explanation for why it can’t be done :wink:

Thank you for your advise, it’s a time saver! The multilayer stack works. It display portrait with portrait upload

The istack automatically sized to square image (I can’t do any adjustment), I have changed a few themes include the default free RW8 theme. The result is the same.

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