Internal Preview reload too fast problem

(Robert) #1

I have been searching the forums looking for a solution but cannot find one. I apologize if I have overlooked an already posted solution.

When choosing preview, the internal preview engine constantly reloads the page. This makes it next to impossible to scroll and very difficult to read / view the page. Is this a known bug (or feature)? Is there a work around to prevent the reload/blinking issue?

Note: I thought it might be a high sierra issue, but I have downloaded the latest 7.5beta and it has the similar issue.

Any help is welcome.


(Paul Russam) #2

It’s been mentioned before, it’s a MacOS bug that’ll be (hopefully) fixed prior to the public release of HS
To be perfectly honest if you’ve loaded a beta OS on your production Mac then you’ve decided that the risk of crashing/incompatibility/corrupted files/loss of data is perfectly acceptable.

(Robert) #3

Never been a concern about the beta os, the point of the post is to get the info out to the developers if there is a compatibility issue with their software on the latest beta (the problem exists in the 7.5 beta, too), and to find out if there was a known fix/work around.

(Paul Russam) #4

There IS a known fix/work around … don’t use MacOS 10.13 beta yet.
As I said it’s a bug in the beta OS, not RW, no fix will be coming from RM as there’s nothing wrong with RW.
RM have filled a (or many) bug reports with Apple and in some future beta from Apple it will be fixed.
It may not even be a bug, Apple may have deliberately disabled the functionality that RW relies upon to preview so that they can test/expose something else. If you’ve ever run iOS betas then you’ll be used to functionality disappearing and reappearing between beta versions.

(Robert) #5

I found some factual data from actual people at RealMac who knows what is going on. Issue is related to filesystem changes.

Currently, there’s only one known compatibility issue with RW and 10.13 — If you upgrade your hard drive from HFS+ to APFS, there’s a problem with the “Preview” constantly refreshing. We believe this is a system issue and are working with Apple to resolve it.

However, if you’re using High Sierra with an HFS+ drive, then RapidWeaver will work just fine.

If Apple fails to make a fix at the system level in time for the launch of 10.13, we’ll implement a workaround. Anyway you can rest assured that RapidWeaver will work just great with the next release of macOS.

(Nicolas J. Artley) #6

So, as we are now in November … is there a known fix or workaround? Possibly also for older versions to work?

This was, there is no interactive working in preview mode or quick checking a site other then to export and preview it …

(Brian LaPan) #7

Try the latest beta

(Russell Warner) #8

Hi there

I am just wondering if this problem has been solved and where I am going wrong.

Just reopened RW6 for the first time in a while and having this problem. Tried RW/ and the same thing.
Have both up to date and am using.
High Sierra 10.13.2 (17C205)

Also put Stacks back to 3.2 with no luck

Any help greatly appreciated


(Brian LaPan) #9

RapidWeaver 6.x does NOT support High Sierra. You’ll have to update to RapidWeaver 7.

(Brian LaPan) #10