Preview Constantly Loads, Never Allows Preview

Hello. I posted this last year, but is still happening, and quite frustrating.

Whenever I move from edit mode to preview mode, I get the dialog box that it is exporting, but it continually reloads the page in a loop, never stopping to allow me to view the page. If I’m quick enough, I can scroll down to view the area I am trying to preview, but it soon starts the loop all over again, staring the page back at the top. I then need to time the re-loading just right to either hit cancel on the dialog box or the edit button. Based on advice from other threads, I opened a new project and previewed a page and it does the same thing.

I am using Mojave 10.14.6 with Rapidweaver 6.4
See Sample -

RW6 is not supported past Sierra. Please see these threads:

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You are years behind…
Upgrade or die!!!
You can’t blame developers.

I had a feeling it was time to upgrade. Thanks to you all, Happy Friday!

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