Preview not working!

(Alan Levinson) #1

I just updated to 7.5.1 and preview stopped working!!

(Dan) #2

Try restarting RapidWeaver, and also try switching to another page in the project and let me know how you get on.

We’ve had no other reports of this issue so I’m assuming it’s something else going on here and not RW 7.5.1 at fault.

Keep me posted.

(Alan Levinson) #3

Thanks Dan,

Apparently it is only causing a problem on a couple of my sites.
Edit works fine until I switch to preview on the Home page only.
I get the spinning ball and can only stop it by force quitting.


(Dan) #4

Hi Alan,

Can you send me your project file along with steps on how to reproduce this issue.
My email address is


(Dan) #5

We think we have now fixed the hang on preview issue, can you give this beta build a go:

RapidWeaver 7.5.2 (18793b):

(Alan Levinson) #6

Hey Dan,

Yes, this stopped the preview problem, but now:

Publishing the sites is so extremely slow that it is not practical to even try and publish.
Yes, I have it on the fastest publishing setting.


(Aaron Marquez) #7

Hi Alan,

Can you try restarting your Mac then trying again?

Shoot us an email if the issue persists (

(Alan Levinson) #8

Hi Aaron,

Restarted the computer 3 times and still same problem,