RapidWeaver 8.9 broken preview - UPDATE: Fixed in 8.9.1 :)

Hi, just got a notification to update RW-8 , which I did. BUT went back to continue my work, the View does

not work!!! just gives a blank screen…


Did you shut down RW and reopen it after the update?

@Ruyton Yes, done that!

Difficult to guess what the problem might be without a bit more information.

Theme, framework, stacks in the page etc.

@Ruyton Using Foundry framework and Foundy stacks. I did try other projects I have with different theme, same issue!

@Ruyton I am thinking to go back to the previous version, but do not know how :slight_smile:

Dear Monica,
i have the same Problem.
I updated today to RW 8.9.0

I use the foundation Theme.
It also just gives a blank screen.
Do you know in the meantim how to go back to the further Version of RW?
Please let me know. Maybe You can help me?

Thanke You!


@Schneider Apology, I do not know how, I have put that question out there, hope the experts will reply and let’s know :slight_smile:

Having same issue. Posted as such on a different thread. Simulation / site preview problem

Just click on the edit icon and back to preview…

That’s not working for me

@Fuellemann done that couple of times and did not work!

Thank You so much for answering. Hope we can get it working next time.

Maybe this helps to go back. In my case it did.

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Thank You Fuellemann.
What do you mean with “back to preview”?
Pressing the Previewbutton shows only a white Page.

Maybe this helps to go back. Maybe Apple Silicon is needed. Greetings from Munich

And when you switch to the other pages do you still see the same issue?

@Fuellemann Yes!

Ah that is due to some changes in the coming macOS. RW 8.9 has to support these changes. @dan please help here

@Schneider Thank you for the Link!
@Fuellemann @dan went back to V8.7 and it is working!

No problem on Monterey everything looks ok. I didn’t publish the latest changes for my website yet but I will try soon.