Stacks cannot be "highlighted" to edit them when clicked on

Hi everyone,
I’ve got a weird bug right now with stacks where when I click on a stack to edit it or delete it, I can’t highlight the stack. Instead of an arrow over the stack name, I get a text cursor and I can highlight the name of the stack instead of it being a clickable area. I have to quit and re open the project until it suddenly works properly. Sometimes I have to quit and re open 6 times and then it suddenly works. Sometimes it works right away.

I’m using RW 8.7 and MacOS 10.15.7 Catalina. I’m scared of upgrading because my website is fairly complicated with lots of customized CSS that took a lot of work to get right and I’m scared of upgrading my MacOS or RW changing my site. I’m using a 2014 MacBook Air.

Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like when I can’t click on a stack to highlight it to edit the stack. You can see how the name of the stack is highlightable as if it is plain text instead of a clickable area. You can see how I’ve highlighted the name of the stack on the top of the page.

Thank you for any help!

A question for @isaiah

Could we see a url…
Could be a ram issue.

@joemart1951 a url is not going to help I this case.

I also have this issue too, happens quite randomly, but never got around to reporting it because it wasn’t annoying me too much.

@Spacemonkey this hasn’t affected my publishing but understandably you’d be nervous. Either backup your existing site prior to publishing the updated one, or maybe publish it to a sub domain and test it out there (assuming it’s fairly self contained)

This started some time back, I chatted with Is about it.

A fix (for me) is to add any stack above the one that won’t click, it should then become clickable again. Then just delete the stack you added.

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Glad to hear this has been reported to @isaiah already. I’ve run into this a few times but assumed it was from working on developmental code while making new stacks. It is a frustrating bug. I’d thought about reporting it but figured since we’ve not heard a lot from @isaiah in a while that perhaps he was backlogged.

I don’t think this would work because no stack on the page is clickable to highlight it. They are all not editable. But I will try. Thank you

Any news on this? It has started all of a sudden and I sometimes have to open and close RW 6 times before I can edit the stacks in my blog. Other stacks seem to be clickable. Then all of a sudden I open RW the 8th time or so, and open the project and all stacks are clickable and edit-able.

The only person that’ll be able to provide insight on this is @Isaiah and we’ve not seen him around lately. Hopefully he’ll pop in and be able to help though.

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