RW Preview stays empty (white)

One of my clients has a problem within RapidWeaver: the preview only shows empty content, regardless which theme he uses. He’s running RW and Stacks in both the latest versions with OS X Catalina. Any ideas how he could solve this? Maybe @dan …?

I know it sounds silly, but has he tried re-starting?

Thanks for that suggestion, Dan. The last time he worked on the project was many weeks ago. And in the meantime he did restart the Mac several times. So I’m afraid that’s not the solution to this issue.
Hm, is there eventually some “display cache” or other cache file(s) which could be deleted to make the preview work again?

By the way: since the old forum is now read only, should I post this question also there…?

Could be something to do with the webserver not starting…
Could you get him to send you the support logs?

Have them try this –

(1) open the project
(2) switch to Edit Mode
(3) save the project file
(4) quit and restart RW
(5) switch to Preview Mode

Thanks @dan and @Elixir , I’ll ask him to do these things and get back to you as soon as I hear from him.

I’ve found that sometimes (most) if you quit RW when in preview mode, when you re-open the project it will open to preview mode, but will be completely blank. I’ve taken to simply making sure I exit RW from edit mode only.


Ok, that’s interesting. Will tell my client about this also, thanks.

Hope it helps. Let us know. If it does, perhaps it and the Support Log will help Dan and Co. to track down the bug.

Ok guys, here’s what my client just told me…

@Elixir Working through the 5 steps you listed unfortunately didn’t change anything.
@dan He did send me the log-file. You can download it here: RapidWeaver Logs (2022-01-21) (07-34-20).txt - Droplr

What he also told me: When he clicks on “Preview in Safari” or “Preview in…” and then chooses Safari or Firefox, nothing happens (the browsers don’t start). What the heck is goin’ on there…?

Yes, this was part of a feature added some time back. RW was changed to always open in the last place you left off, before closing. So if in preview, it attempts, and fails, to open in preview.

At the time there was a lot of comments along these lines, and requests to change back to how it worked before. But it wasn’t implemented. @dan Perhaps v9 will see a return?

Isn’t this forum meant to be "read only?

@RapidBase I’m wondering if he has an app like LittleSnitch installed?

It sounds like it’s something on his Mac interfering…

Does the blank page eventually get replaced with content or does it stay blank?

In the case of my client it stays blank… :neutral_face:

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Same here! I don’t exit or publish in preview mode.

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