The preview problem

I see there has been a lot of discussion about Preview not working. I am having that problem with 8.9.1 (running on an M1 Mac) when I add a new page. All my old pages created on earlier versions of RW are fine.

I went back to 8.9 and then 8.8 and 8.0 but still have the same problem. The earlier posts I read say they saw a blank screen; what I see is a page of code.

Anyone have any suggestions about this? Jannis from InStacks (who I contacted because I thought it was a problem with the stacks I was using) advised me: “something with the PHP execution of the preview server does not work. RW should take care of this automatically. If reinstalling RW doesn’t help, mention this to the support team.”

Hi Cynthia,

There have been a lot of posts about preview issues, different issues caused many distinct problems.

Running on an M1, I would suggest you run the latest version of RW 8.9.1. A lot of stuff in the latter release addressed the M1 chips.
Are you running RW under Rosetta or in the Native m1 version?

You didn’t say what version of macOS you are using, that might be helpful as well.
It looks like you have your RW preferences(general) set to use Generic page icons. That makes it difficult to tell what kind of page you are using? You said stacks, so I would assume you are having the issue with a stacks page.

When you say they are fine, they are fine in preview within RapidWeaver?
Are these older pages the same type (stacks?) using the same stacks?
They are also PHP pages?

If they are, let’s say Jannis’s poster stacks and the old pages display fine on preview in RW, then the PHP execution with in RW would be working.

Now if none of the PHP pages are displaying then I’d check your preferences>general>Advanced to render PHP on Local Preview. Make sure that is checked.

You can also try adding Joe Workman’s free Server Info stack to a page and it will tell you what version of PHP is running along with with other helpful information.


Oh wow, that Preference setting was all it was! Thank you so very much, such a simple thing that I just had no idea was there. If only I could glue back the hair I tore out this afternoon!

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