Problem Reporter

Is anyone else finding that for the last few RW versiosn the crash reporter simply does not work - just get the spinning ball and then have to quit.

Is this a broken facility or have I just been unlucky in every update since RW5 that it does not work on my system?

Love to hear if I am the only one having this issue.


As info only… my crash reporter works fine. It appears to send in reports for my 5-6 crashes a day…

It is a serious problem for me. The crash reporter sometimes spins for hours before I force quit and then end up with a crash reporter crash report.
I had one crash report that crashed several times per day, sometimes twice for each time RW crashed.
For 3 months, every time I opened RW, the crash report would pop up and try to report the same crash 3 months old.
How does one report these things without it becoming a full-time job?
As I type this, I have a RW7 crash report that has been spinning on my desktop for almost an hour.
I am about to force quit it so I can have my computer back.

Hi… I just had a note from Realmac support a day or two ago that they are working on the crash reporter hang…

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