RW Freezes, the "Problem Reporter" freezes. Is eliminating all third party software the solution?

After giving up on third-party plugins for blogging, like Rapidblog, Armadillo, etc., I have started to copy and paste all the old blog posts into a simple Rapidweaver blog page. But even a simple thing like pasting into a RW blog post causes RW7 to freeze.
I tried reporting it but the Rapidweaver reporter freezes, then attempts to send again with each restart, and freezes. Sometimes I can close the reporter and won’t open again when I restart RW. But the next time it freezes, the previously-failed report pops up again, and any attempt to send it freezes the reporter.
The reporter still opens after freezes and force quit. It pops up with the same error message I typed in months ago when it first opened, and failed to send. RW has crashed a couple dozen times in the last 24 hours.
Third-party plugins are often blamed. It is never clear which plugin or stack causes the problem. So, I decided to design all future sites without 3rd party plugins. It may save me a lot of trouble in the long term, since the problems with instability, updates, and conflicts are reminding me too much of the extension conflicts of OS8.

Yeah, don’t have an answer for the RW issues. If I did I wouldn’t have been able to reminisce about the days of MacOS8. Wow what a great time that was. Still better then the days od PageMaker, fonts and the MacOS on the same floppy drive. I even remeber making some files big enough we had to exchange floppies back and forth as each new operation loaded into that massive 32k RAM. Yes I meant kilobytes. Good times!

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You might try a clean install. I was getting several crashes a day and I did a clean install installing the add-ons manually. My crashes came down dramatically. Make sure you have a copy/backup of everything and make sure you have your activation codes, etc. Delete RW, delete the add-ons then reinstall. In my case I deleted ONLY those items that are “original” and can be replaced by the new downloaded software (Themes, Stacks, Plugins, RW) . ie; DON"T trash your Snippets, or any support files created by those items.

Again… have a backup. Then have another backup just in case.

Doing a clean install improved my RW significantly. (I had done an Upgrade from 6.) This helped my install. Your results may vary. Be careful. Don’t trash something that can’t be replaced.

And i remember greasing the cogs on my Babbage Difference Engine. The fun went out of computing when they brought in punch cards.

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