RW8 crashes every time on save

Ever since this month I cannot save any edits I make to my website. I get the usual crash report window stating that details will be sent to apple but nothing ever seems to come of that. I’m thinking it might have started after I updated stacks 4 to the latest version, but I can’t be sure.

I do have the crash report copied. Is there a RW developer that I could send it to? Maybe they could suggest a fix?

I’ve updated to RW8.8 and it still crashes.

Thanks for listening!

Unfortunately, Only Apple gets those crash reports.

Might have a look at this post on how to provide what’s needed for help.

I tired installing an older version of stacks (4.20). Didn’t resolve it.
I tired deleting 2/3rd’s of the website’s pages… nada.
I uploaded a crash report to your head’s slack page. Hoping that will help in some way.

@Jaden – I’m afraid I don’t see any recent posts on Slack. And there are no users with the name/login of “Jaden” or similar.

And my support queue is empty too. So I’m afraid wherever it is that you posted it, I did not receive it.

But the good news is that my support queue is empty and no one has posted on Slack for a couple days – so whenever you do post a crash report you’ll have my undivided attention. :slight_smile:

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I’m not at all familiar with Slack. Seems I posted it in my draft section.

I posted it in the chat thread. hopefully you can see it now.

@jaden – i got your new post. thanks. :smiley:

Unfortunately this crash is outside the scope of my software. No calls in this stack-trace call in to any YourHead plugins. It’s either the app itself or one of the other plugins.

I notice that you have quite a few plug-ins installed and running.

Always disable all plug-ins that you are not actively using in your current project. When you see a crash – any crash, it should be the first thing you check.

My guess is that one of the recent RW updates has broken one of your other installed plugins so severely that even saving is not possible.

To disable your plug-ins click the Add-Ons button in the toolbar (it looks like a little plug) and disable everything that you’re not using. RW will ask you to restart.

After that, try saving. If it still crashes, send a new report – that one will undoubtably show a bit more info and we can go from there.

But I think there’s a good chance that this alone my fix things up for you.

Well, after spending many hours of troubleshooting, I figured out the cause but not the why.
For some reason, many styled pages in my project had a message, “The styled text plug-in is missing”.

I thought it strange as that plugin is baked into RW. Yes, it is turned on btw.

So I deleted the affected pages… about 40 of them in all and replaced them with versions from a two year old backup file.

Everything is good now. Though I can’t figure out why that happened.

@dan @tpbradley – i thought you might want to have a look at this issue. it sounds like perhaps an older class name is not be decoded correctly into a new class name?

just a wild guess – but clearly some very interesting data corruption, which always triggers my personal klaxon.

if i can help, just let me know.

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