Problem to control the hight of MovingBox Images and a unintentional blank slide

I spend my whole day to find a way to control the hight of images inside JW MovingBox. For this project I use TotalCMS Images. Each of my project side should have a MovingBox slider with a different hight relative to the browser window size e.g. 50% of the hight. The only way I find to set up a relative hight for a TotalCMS is placing it as a warehouse image background into a Section Stack (BIG thanks to BIG WHITE DUCK for this hint). In this case the problem with the hight is solved, but a new problem is, that MovingBox add a black Slide at the end of the row.

Is this a MovingBox bug or a wrong setup? Or is there an other way to control the image hight inside MovingBox?

The same MovingBox works fine with a TotalCMS Image Stack, but in this case I can’t control the hight.
At you can see both versions. The first one used Sections, the second TotalCMS images inside MovingBox.