Help with Joe's Moving Box 2 Stack - slide alignment

I need some help with responsive alignment. Using @joeworkman 's Moving Box 2 Stack (great stack by the way…highly recommend). I’ve attached a pic and an example URL. In short, when all the slides “fit” within a browser window the slider/carousel “turns off” (i.e. there is nothing to slide). Works great, however, the slides that remain are aligned left. I wish to align the slides so they are centered. Easiest to see this behavior on desktop (and the attached pic).

Cheers to @joeworkman who answered my question over on the Weaver’s Space forum. I had the carousel settings set incorrectly…so for the two slide image above I still had it set to display four slides. They align center when set correctly. While that answers my immediate question…I’m hoping to find a carousel slider stack that will adjust for the number of images a user might upload via a CMS (like Joe’s Total CMS for instance). I’ll get that use case sorted out a bit more and reach back out should I have challenges. Again shout out to Joe for the help on my question and for making a really nice stack. Moving Box 2.