Stumped by MovingBox 2

Today I watched Joe Workman’s promo video for Movingbox 2 stack, and was sold on having two slideshows appearing in sync (Fig. 1). With that I bought the stack, with the intention to duplicate the basic structure of Joe’s Moving Gallery (with Buy Now button) for a site I’m building.

Fig. 1

It wasn’t long before I managed to get a basic slideshow of one group of images running…but I’ve had zero success in replicating the synchronized dual slideshow that Joe’s Moving Gallery promises. I’ve tweaked settings in the file included with Movingbox 2 (Fig. 2), but again without success. I was also unable to get the buy-now button to work.

Fig. 2

No information is provided in the Movingbox 2 promo video about how to create the Movingbox Gallery, so I’m turning to you for help!

Please point out what I am surely missing…thanks!


I have the same question about this

From the Docs…

  1. Now you need to sync the two MovingBox 2 stacks together. First, let’s click on the bigger image one. You will want to go to the bottom of the MovingBox settings and click on Enable Slider Sync? This will give you 3 new options.
    MovingBox Slider Syncing Settings

Remember your Unique ID and the Sync ID settings. You can change them to whatever you want, but you will want to remember whatever you set them to. Next you will want to click on the smaller image MovingBox stack and click on Enable Slider Sync? on that stack. When you do, you will want to put your Sync ID from the first stack into your Unique ID of the second stack. Then you will want to take the Unique ID from the first stack and put it in the Sync ID of the second stack.

MovingBox Slider Syncing Settings

Now preview your page and you should see the sliders move in sync with each other.

Here are some hints that might help you if you can not get this working:

  1. You only have to one Autoplay box checked on either MovingBox, but it does not hurt the syncing if it is checked on both. It will take the lowest amount entered.
  2. MovingBox2 has a Collapse in Edit Mode? setting, which works like the visibility toggle that comes in Stacks 2.5+, BUT it still shows 1 slide, so if you have multiple sliders (especially in slider sync) you can see which ones are which.
    MovinbBox Setup Settings

Hello Scott,

Following your suggestions enabled me to successfully sync the two sliders and [sort of] replicate Joe’s horizontal slideshow. I haven’t figured out how he managed to have his images appear edge-to-edge in a strip (Fig.3), nor have the current full-size shot of the Golden Gate Bridge appear highlighted in the center of the strip. Images in my second, smaller Movingbox 2 slider (appearing below the main full-size slider) are much smaller than images in the first slider, perhaps as much as 5% of the larger images; that result happens while using the same png files in both sliders.

Fig. 3

The last frontier is the ‘buy now’ button. I didn’t see reference to instructions for the button in the Movingbox 2 docs…but I’ll keep looking.

Thanks Scott!


I’ve never looked at the demo by “highlighted” maybe you are seeing center mode? If you show a url, maybe that will give some clues.

Scott, the keyword I overlooked was ‘Center Mode.’ Once I found that I found the Edge Opacity control…problem solved.

Thanks for that, mate.


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