Problem with Expiry stack

I’ve been using the Expiry stack from Will Woodgate without any problem until now, but it seems there’s an issue with dates set beyond this July.
Here is a test page, with the expiry date set to July 31


with a date set to August, the stack doesn’t even show up in RW view mode

Once published there’s an error message:

Is it a bug with the Expiry stack ?

I don’t know the stack; Will is excellent; he will certainly help if you contact him.

Are you able to see what is on line 154 of index.php?

Thanks Mark, now I have sent a message to Will.

I don’t know how I could see what is on line 154 !?

Good. You’ll get a reply very soon :slight_smile:

Again - without knowing the stack, I can only conjecture. But I’d have thought that if you do a local export of your project and locate the file in question you could open it in a text editor and take a look - just to see what may be wrong. (A literal is a variable which is set by the program not to… vary with circumstances; like indeed the number of days in certain months, so that the routine always ‘knows’, for example, that the maximum number of days in July or August for that matter is 31. But that may not be what is going on.)

Good luck!

I use Expiry on a daily basis. I entered a date of AUG 31 into one of my existing stacks and it works fine.

Mine sometimes stops working for “no” reason and if I remove leading zero’s it works again. Try making the “07” into “7” - My guess is some type of parsing error as sometimes “07” works and sometimes it needs be merely “7” (“7” is an example - this is true regardless of the digit)

Here is my current parameter for a report going “live” at 4:35:00 am EST Tuesday.

Will’s example here certainly has no leading zeros…

…16th April 2014, you would need to enter **0,0,0,4,16,2014** in the box.…

Something somewhere indicates and shows leading zeros. I forget where. Too much water under the bridge. I just do whatever works. I’ve used this stack to “release” daily reports for years. Other than this very rare occurring “bug?” it works flawlessly. I love it and I highly recommend it. Again, may be a flaw elsewhere that is causing “good” parsing to mess up. But it only happens once in a great while.


It really shouldn’t be an intermittent ‘bug’ or on-off behaviour; Will will want to know. And, if it is, he’ll fix it.

Gee, I had thought of setting the month without the leading zero, and it didn’t work:
Then I just tried without the leading zero in both the month and the day, and it works:

Yes I think I’ve seen it that way too

OK, problem solved, thank you all! I find it weird that the leading zeros worked with no problem in July and not in August, though!

I bet it’s related to content on the page and parsing. That’s just a guess. If you want to experiment copy the stack to a new blank page, add a text box with one letter, put the zero’s back in and see if it works.

by the way… I also use Will’s Advanced Publisher stack (stacks4stacks) for timed content (weekly sale content) and I’ve never had a single time it didn’t work properly.

Yes it says “Parse error” but I don’t know what it means. Anyway now it seems to be working, and if it works it is enough for me. :wink:

I use expiry in a context where I never know in advance when I’m going to publish the post. So, just programming the expiration is enough for the moment. But thanks for mentioning “Advanced Publisher”, although I had seen it already!

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