Problem with exporting to FTP

Since I upgraded to version 8.5.1, I have not been able to upload my site to my server via FTP. When I hit Publish, it starts to export my files and stops immediately… Can anyone help me to resolve this issue.

Best thing to do is use a external FTP client (like Transmit) with your current information…if it works…it should work inside of RW.

Hi Norman,
Can you send us your publishing logs?

  1. Go to RapidWeaver > Preferences > Publishing and make sure “Upload Logging” is enabled

  2. Now, try publishing / recreating the issue again

  3. Finally, go to Help > Copy Support Logs and paste this into a document, and send it over

Hi Norman,
Kindly provide me the log or error that you are getting so I can help you .Thanks

I have the logs in a txt file. Tried sending it to the forum and it was rejected. Should I just cut and paste it here? It is pretty long.

How do I switch to an external FTP?

To send anything large like a log file, it’s best to zip them up and put the file on something like Dropbox and then share the link.

Not switching to it…just using it to test your current setup…

There is no issue with connecting to my server. The test went fine. Rapidweaver fails to export and publish the files.

I sent the txt file for the publishing logs to your support email address. This forum only allows me to attach picture files. It will not let me attach any document file.

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