A new problem publishing in RW 8.1.6

Hello Tom and all,

I have a new issue pop up when publishing in RW 8.1.6.

Basically I can publish once (a day?) but when I try again I get the error message “Couldn’t upload to your FTP server” (see attached)

In looking at the log it seems that the FTP session is closed by an application callback.

I checked with the ISP and they saw no issues. So too the site host is saying that there are no issues on their side.

RW works great for the first publish of the day but then as soon as the FTP connection is made it shuts down again.

Any help with this will be so very VERY welcome.

Thank you so much,

Julian Ray

Does this page help, Julian?

Or this? Or this?

Hello Mark,

The first page is the generic FTP config page and does not address what my issue is. But thank you/
The second link is pretty much the same.
The third link goes to a thread of an problem that is similar to mine. No conclusion or solution just… “the problems seems to have worked its self out”
Thanks Mark.

Does you host support SFTP? If so, definitely try that. It’s much more secure than using FTP, which sends everything (including your password) in the clear (unencrypted).

If you try SFTP, clear the Path field and browser to select the roper folder. Most of the time the path is different when login in via FTP vs SFTP.

Your server may not like you making so many connections. Try switching the number of connections down to 1 in the Publish setup.

Also, could you try the RapidWeaver 8.1.7 beta? We’re working hard to resolve FTP problems in this release.

Hello and thank you Dan,

The connection number did work in previous RW versions, the hosting site has an 25 connection limit, it has not been an issue before.

Thank you.

Hello Tom,

I’ll give 8.1.7b a go.

Any changes to the settings I should make or just connect as in the past?

Thank you,


Hello Tom, Dan, and Aaron,

Same problem. I have sent logs and and screen shots to Aaron in hopes that I can get real help with this issue as I am dead in the water.

Please let me know how I can help in finding a solution to this ASAP. I will be happy to pay for real one-on-one support or what ever.

Thank you so much for all your efforts.



as a workaround, you can export your site to a local directory then sftp its files up to your server using an independent third party ftp client such as Transmit.

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Thanks Mark for the helpful tip.

Welcome, Julian; good luck - and let us know how you get on :slight_smile: .

Mark or anybody.
After having many months of problems with my host (who I will dump when my prepaid contract runs out) I now am very careful and organized in how I proceed.
Read - Read More - Ask Questions - More Questions. Then try the simplest steps.

I need a simple, step by step, omitting not even the smallest detail, of how to FTP or FTPS to my host server. If someone would explain what happens to all the files on the server when you FTP, that would be a a real plus. This may seem like a super beginner request, rest assured that I probably also asked this same question a decade ago on the prior forum. It took me months to undo the mess that uninformed techs did to my server last year. I just need to be simplistic.
Thanks Marty


I’m sure we can help you here. Please first specify whether you’re asking what happens in RW (which version are you using?) when you publish and/or how to upload a locally-published site via a third party client such as Transmit; it’s common practice for RW users to resort to independent upload like this when publishing fails.

One initial bit of clarification: during the early days of the internet (say, 1970’s and 1980’s) its pioneers based a lot of the architecture on what was (and really, what remains) the most reliable network protocols (the ‘rules’ for connection, transfer, delivery etc) on Unix.

On Unix machines files were moved from one machine to another using ‘File Transfer Protocol’. Because intended for moving files between local machines, and before scammers, spammers and generally ill-intentioned people, FTP became inappropriate (because it is not secure) for the kind of file transfer needed on a Wide Area Network like the internet, which you use to get your website’s files from your Mac to your host. So SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol, where ‘SSH’ is the currently most used and most secure way to connect machines because data passed between them is encrypted) was developed - and should be used wherever possible.

So, what sort of trouble are you having? What works? What has failed? How do you wish to use RW? Is it failing to publish as expected? Have you read all the docs and pages on common troubleshooting?

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