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I’m about to start a large project using Weavium’s G Sheet but notice all the examples on their demo page have disappeared. Any GSheet users having issues? I have contacted support but no reply as yet.

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See this post

Hmmm - this is a major concern as I can’t have things randomly breaking on this site. It’s a really useful and capable product but reliability is critical for me here.

Yep … (no badmouthing here but still no answer to my mail to Skyler 4 days ago).
Also need a reliable system - airtable could be an alternative but does not have the flexibility of G-Sheets, especially the If/else possibility and showing remote pictures…
Let’s see what weavium comes up with

I don’t think you will ever get that with anything that relies on a third party like Google, Facebook etc.


Hmm… That’s something you can do easily with the help of some other stacks?

The challenge I see in this case, is that there’s another remote application used (to prevent CORS issues) that failes.

I can’t comment on that, but what I can comment on, with some certainty now, after doing this for a lot of years, is that if any type of functionality on a website relies on something being provided by any of the big techs, work on the assumption that at any moment it’s going to fall-over with no way to fix it in the short term.

Not sure if you’d include Google fonts in that, in terms of “functionality”, but that might be the only exception.

Google, and all the others, will pump out all sorts of cool stuff that you can integrate into a website to do all sorts of even cooler stuff. But the one thing you can bank on is that sooner of later they will either monetise it, or if it’s deemed to be detracting from their own services, or just no longer fitting with their way of doing things, they will pull it with little to no warning ands no care of the ramifications for users.

Edit: I suppose in terms of Google, I’d go further and say any business that relies solely on it’s Google search results ranking for it’s fresh leads will eventually fail.

Certainly had these issues with Google Maps, Instagram Feeds and more over the years. I wonder whether Weavium could make GSheets work with self-hosted Excel sheets?

There’s always still Live Data by 1LD: https://onelittledesigner.com/rapidweaver-stack/live-data/

GSheets works easily with self-hosted csv docs. Excel I can’t tell. The csv on my server is my workaroaund in the moment. What I would need now is a sort of online csv editor implemented in a stacks page so that my clients can alter the csv without “destroying” it. Opening with for e.g repository editor you see a lot of lines, words and hundereds of semicolons - which is not user friendly…
@dripple I want to pull in the link to the (warehoused) photo (as in the GSheet photo stack) via airtable - don’t want to drag all photos into airtable - either this doesn’t work or I am “doof” - stupid…

Kein Problem:

  • Add a URL column to the AirTable base (and enter some the URL’s),
  • place a HTML stack instead of the AirTable Image in your project stack and
  • use the Token for the URL (This should work with any remote image stack, I quickly tested the GraphicStack, just place the Token into the URL box, see below) .

Example HTML Stack:
(I just re-used some of the existing image urls from the original Furniture table)

Warehouse Stack:
Screenshot 2020-11-24 at 10.26.24


well the examples are back up - don’t know what the issue was.

@manofdogz LJ,

I think this may have been a Google outage:

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