Problem with index.html vs index.php suddenly appearing

I was making a few changes in my project in Rapidweaver 6 when something went wrong. I was working in the Squeezebox stack moving around a series of FAQ. I hit the wrong key, and all of a sudden the formatting changed in Squeezebox (questions got bigger), and I noticed that every page on my website project was now marked in red letters Your page filename is index.html but must be index.php. Please rename the page in the page inspector. When I check each page, however, all are set on page inspector as index.php. Thus, there is nothing for me to change. Any ideas as to what went wrong, and how I can fix it? Efforts to create a replacement page have not worked as they all seem to show this same problem. I do have an older version of the project backed up, but I can’t seem to find where that is located. Any help much appreciated!!! Thanks, Stewart

Quit the project without saving?

I tried that, and it didn’t work. Then I tried quitting and reopening Rapidweaver and then the project, and that did not work either. Any other ideas?

Does it do this on a new project or just that one?

Do you have a backup of the project like TimeMachine?

I have not tried it on a new project, and am a bit afraid of doing so, not being a Rapidweaver power user. I don’t use time machine, but I do have a backup. The problem is I don’t understand the Rapidweaver file folder structure. I can restart from my backup drive, but how do I find and copy the older version and then move it into my main hard drive? Do I have to export it? How would I replace the current version.
On a separate note, I also have a second project/website that I was not fiddling with at all. I just got an alert from Google saying Search Console has identified that your site is affected by 2 new Mobile Usability related issues. This means that Mobile Usability may be negatively affected in Google Search results. We encourage you to fix these issues. The fact that this happened just a few hours after the other problem has me worried about some other type of corruption. Or this is just randomly happening at the same time. thoughts?

I was able to sort out the other strange appearance issues, but I am left with the same odd thing: every page is marked in red letters Your page filename is index.html but must be index.php. Please rename the page in the page inspector.

The location makes me think this is associated with the poster stack.

Here’s a screenshot:

And if I remove the poster stack from the page (only there to add the social media buttons) the red lettering goes away. I might just try replacing the social media buttons and see if that solves the problem. Anyone familiar with the poster stack, and why this might be happening? Removing the buttons from the Poster stack does not make the letters go away, but removing the stack does. Thoughts?

Poster probably requires your page to be php, some stacks do.
If you haven’t, rename your page in the page inspector and republish.

You will need to remove the .html page using your ftp app or the file manager on your hosting platform.

OK, it look like I have localized the problem to the Poster stack. Removing it makes the red phrase “Your page filename is index.html but must be index.php. Please rename the page in the page inspector.” go away. Curiously, the pages have always been index.php, not index.html. So I’m not sure what the warning means. I will try to remove the poster stack from every page and reload. I only use it for its social media buttons anyone. Can anyone recommend a stack for social media buttons. Really only need Facebook and Twitter.

I use this one all the time.

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