A problem with exporting

Hi there,

When I am exporting my project, I get a problem viewing some of the pages.

I am using MAMP and Live Reload, but some ef the pages show up as totally blank pages. But when I add “index.php/” to the URL it comes up perfect.

This occurs only in pages that is sub-pages in the project.

Eg the Page “Inge” in the list here, needs to be added “index.php”.

What am I doing wrong?


Is it possible that in the target folder for the export where the index.php file is, there is also an index.html file? A simple explanation is that there is and that is the individual file which is being served up instead of the php version of the page.

If so, delete or rename or otherwise remove the index.html so that the index.php is served up.

Scenarios pivoting on the contention between php and html versions of pages and the fact that RW won’t remove already published/exported resources come up all the time.

If its not that then its more interesting…

So I think it is more interesting :slight_smile:

Anyway I can not find an index.html file in the folder

Hi @kryten

Problem solved. I was looking in the wrong place for the html file.
The “sinner” is now found and deleted, and everything is working fine again :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help.