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Hello all,

I attempted to publish another RW8 website today on A2 Hosting, and I am getting this “multiple index files” rigmarole all over again.

I know I managed to resolve this issue at the beginning of 2019, but it’s been too long and I can’t remember what I did to solve the issue.

I used FTP Cyberduck to remove the offending index.php file, but that doesn’t seem to cure the problem.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Here is the error message:

First off, are you sure it was the PHP file that needed to be removed and not the index.html file? Unless you manually changed a page to HTML from PHP it’s probably the other way around.

Any stack in rapidweaver that needs PHP will change the file extension from .html to .php. They don’t change back automatically.

After you published, go check the page inspector, if its .php then delete the index.html page.


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all the index files in my website on my laptop end by html except in the “contact” folder where the name is “index.php”.
The index.php that I deleted (I have saved a copy, though), was dated form 2018, and there was an index.html file dated from today. They were both in the same “public_html” directory.

When you said it “doesn’t cure”, what is still wrong? Are you still getting the message?

I figured it out again, this time way much faster then 9 months ago.

1- the problem is the presence of both index.html and index.php in the contact folder.
2- the solution is to remove both the index.html and index.php files, than to republish the site,
3- republishing the site will transfer the correct index.php file from my laptop to the hosting website
4- et voila, everything works !
5- note to me: write this down somewhere so that I can easily retrieve this information for the next time


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