Problem with RapidCart Pro since upgrading to Foundation 6.7.5

Hello, I have a selling site that was built with Foundation 6 and uses RapidCart Pro (RCP). Ever since upgrading to Foundation 6.7.5 the site is broken. After being alerted to the issue via RW Preview I decided not publish to the LIVE server (, but I did publish to a sub folder; taking out the RCP Cart Stack on the home page. This seems to resolve the issue. All other pages on the (republished) website have RCP stacks and none of them display in either Safari or Firefox.

Advice of the forum has identified that the issue may be something to do with UIKit (used by RapidCart Pro). Further details, screengrabs and links can be found here;

I’m hoping @joeworkman, @isaiah or @gibo can offer a solution to fix this.

Many thanks, Gary

Did you follow @isaiah’s advice on the other forum?

When I look at the test “sub folder”(directory) I’m not seeing the error message that you showed on the screenshots.
however, if I click on the Buy Now button It, try’s going to a page and gets a 500 Internal Server Error.

I get that same 500 Internal Server Error, if I try to go to any page within the navigation (Greeting Cards’, Art Products, Gallery, etc).
SO it’s going to be difficult to help you out the way you publish things.

Is that what you have done to the sub directory?

Anyway I’d put the RCP Cart Stack back on the home page in the test site. I find it much easier to do this kind of testing with a sub-domain, must hosting companies make it very easy to set one up.

For any chance of me providing much help, you’re going to have to resolve the 500 Internal Server Error’s first. Then get the test page in the “failed state”.

I just tried the test RCP project (Part of RCP demo) and set it to Foundation 6.
I then previewed the page with MS Edge ( Chromium) and got that msame error:

 Uncaught Error: UIkit requires jQuery

I then back tracked to the part of UIkit (Javascript Library) that is throwing the error out:

/*! UIkit 2.26.3 | | (c) 2014 YOOtheme | MIT License */
!function(t) {
    if ("function" == typeof define && define.amd && define("uikit", function() {
        var i = window.UIkit || t(window, window.jQuery, window.document);
        return i.load = function(t, e, n, o) {
            var s, a = t.split(","), r = [], l = (o.config && o.config.uikit && o.config.uikit.base ? o.config.uikit.base : "").replace(/\/+$/g, "");
            if (!l)
                throw new Error("Please define base path to UIkit in the requirejs config.");
            for (s = 0; s < a.length; s += 1) {
                var c = a[s].replace(/\./g, "/");
                r.push(l + "/components/" + c)
            e(r, function() {
        throw new Error("UIkit requires jQuery");
    window && window.jQuery && t(window, window.jQuery, window.document)
Two lines up the line throw new Error("UIkit requires jQuery");

This is right at near the top of the uikit.min.js file. Also jQuery(v2.2.4 - pretty old) is loading( although it completes after uikit.min.js) :

And the latest version of UIkit is UIkit 3.6.11, RCP is using an old version 2.26.3.

Gary (@Garymac),

Did you drop an email to Also may want to tag @rob.

Here is the Window tht displays if that will help them.

JavaScript Errors Found: Parts of your webpage may not be fully functional.
The following errors should be addressed.

  • Uncaught Error: UIkit requires jQuery (1x)

You can look at the browser's dev console for more details about these errors.
This error will not be displayed on your published site. Click to close

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I think the 500 Internal Server Error was the result of not setting the correct Stacks Store URL in the RapidCart Plugin on the test site . Anyway for some odd reason the pages are now displaying on the live test site. I will email @rob and hopefully he will read this post too.

Many thanks,

I confirm RapidCart Pro 4 works with Foundation theme v6.7.5 and Foundation stacks v.6.6.3.


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