Foundation and Rapidcart pro

I know it’s possible to get the two working together, but do I just have a Rapidcart page with the theme set to Foundation, that isn’t shown in the main site and use the stacks? I can’t find any info on the two together. My needs are simple, so I’m not too worried about the Rapidcart makers absence as the other solutions are too expensive to be viable for me.

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Never set one up, I know lots of people on the Weaver’s Space have, so that might be a better place to ask.

Drop a line to and I’ll send you a sample project based on RapidCart Pro, Stacks and Foundation.

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Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Hi Rob and I hope you are well. I’ve just sent you an email.



If you use a Rapidcart Pro page with Foundation theme, you won’t have any styling, navigation etc. You should add a Rapidcart Pro plugin page (which is hidden in navigation) to add and manage all your products and settings and then use the Rapidcart Pro stacks that come with it. There’s a simple store stack that you can use and it’ll bring in your store to a stacks page

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Just for public interest.

Here’s a simple RapidCart Pro + Stacks + Foundation project I’ve just made in few minutes.
Please forgive the roughness.
I haven’t used any Stacks partials and the menu is visible only in home page.

Every page contains different RapidCart Pro stacks to show you its adaptability.

  • In home page there’s a random product box.
  • Collections contains some product grids organized by product category.
  • Product page contains all product parts (gallery, description, versions, …). In order to be able to add the product to cart, version stacks must always be included.
  • Store contains the whole RapidCart Pro store stack (catalog, cart, payments, …). You need to use it if you want to include the store in your Foundation layout.
  • Store (hidden) is RapidCart Pro core. Obviously it must be included in your project, but can be hidden in the navigation menu. If you use the store stack (see previous line) you need to specify the Stacks Page URL that contains it in Customization > Settings > General > Stacks Store URL option.

Just publish it. It will work!

Please read documentation for further details on RapidCart Pro stacks.


Pretty impressive to have a reply from both developers within minutes if not seconds of tagging! Cheers guys.

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If it is ok with @rob I will download this, maybe add a little to it and post it on our Foundation Docs page. Sound good @rob?

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Has anyone managed to get the padding/margins to work on the Rapidcart stacks? I’ve managed to get the stacks to import my product etc, but altering the padding seems to have no effect?

I can’t find a way to get the cart to change colour either and there doesn’t seem to be anything in the manual.

Changing the colours and other styles is done using CSS

Brilliant - thanks for that. The UI Kit seems easy enough for my modest needs. I don’t suppose you have any idea as to why the padding and margins aren’t being applied?

@rob Not to hijack the thread, but wanted to ask if php7+ is OK for RCP?

I’m using RCP with php7.1 without issues.

Thanks Neil - good to know.

I’m not sure if this is the setting you need, but there’s a content padding setting in the RCP customisation panel.

Doh! Empty the cache! Sorry folks - thanks for everyone’s help here. I really do appreciate it.



Feel free to download, customize and publish the project, @zeebe. Just put a link to RapidCart Pro product page.


I confirm PHP 7+ is supported.

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