Where are my Stacks

I purchased Stacks with RW5 and was happy to use it. Now I bought RW8, installed it, but can not find my Stacks on my mac. I can still use it in rw5 but am not able to open it in rw8. Can anybody outthere help me, and give me a hint how to find the Stacks on my mac and how to open them in rw8.
I am sure it must be very simple. I tried with finder but with no result :triumph:

Not sure how you did the upgrade, I know it’s supposed to copy the addons folder for you. That’s where all the 3rd party stuff like stacks, plug-ins and themes are stored on your mac.

You can do the copying manually as well. This kB article explains how and where to copy from.

This might be of interest as well as to how to upgrade projects to RW8


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