Problem with Safari!

Can anyone reading this post please go to the ‘My Photos’ page 1 on my website ( and check if the photo gallery is working or not.

I Use the Foundation Theme and have built this gallery inside the addaptive grid stack and everything works fine in all browsers, except Safari! The page has a series or rows each containing a selection of small photos and when one is clicked it should expand into a larger light box. It only works on the last row and NOT on any of the preceding rows.
Any ideas?

All working for me on Safari.

I tested a few of your galleries and all photos loaded in the lightbox.

This is interesting! So far, one is not working and another one is working OK.
Thanks for the feedback.

Any suggestions on how this could be happening would be appreciated.

The page loads ok but only the images in the bottom 3 rows are clickable, the same it true for your 2nd page.
I’m on my iPad, landscape and seeing them in 2 columns.

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Thanks Paul.
I realise that the iPad will only show 2 colums, that is the responsive behaviour.
What about your desktop, how does it display there?

Sorry, I looked at the wrong page in the beginning.

They don’t work for me either, the rows you mentioned.

I had a similar issue with Pro Gallery2 and Foundation. @willwood fixed it and he is the one to ask about this :slight_smile:

I have already mentioned it to Will but, he seems to think it might be because I am including the gallery inside of another ‘Adaptive Grid’ stack. But, I can’t get his grid to do what I want at the moment.

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What photo gallery do you have inside Adaptive grid? I’ve got something similar that I used to use Adaptive Grid with but now using ProGallery 2 inside Poster Light from @instacks on these pages, for example:

Hi Lisa,
Your gallery looks great but, I prefer a plain coloured background rather than those images. Also the images are displayed in quite a small Lightbox. Is it possible to increase this size?
As for what I use inside the Adaptive Grid, at the moment I am using Will’s Photo Gallery but am intending to try the updated Pro version.

@ronnieboot You have something called Doobox Swell stack inside each grid position. I would think that if the links are not working, then the problem would lie with the Swell stack and not the Grid stack. If you want a rollover effect then the S4S Hoverbox will work correctly.

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Hi Garry, thanks for your input.
Yes I do have the Swell Stack and it is that which creates the transition into the larger image within the lightbox so I would want to retain that option.
It is strange that everything works well in all other brousers, the problem is only related to Safari.
Perhaps I should now get in touch with Doobox and see if they can help!

Upgrade to PG2 and you won’t need Swell. It’s built in. My photo size settings are set there as well.