Useful Grid not working after publishing

I have been using Useful Grid for several years now, but it has suddenly stopped working on my site. It works perfectly when previewing, but not after publishing. The url is and there should be a slideshow at the top, which is working correctly, and a grid of 6 smaller images/links below. Any ideas as to how to get it to work again please?

The 6 images are showing here on Firefox, Safari and Chrome
Beth and Rus, Grace and Rob…Sharley and Dan

Might clear your Browser Caches.

You didn’t say what’s not working, I’m on an iPad now, and the six are three wide landscape and two wide in portrait. Stacking correctly for me.
Won’t be in the office for another few hours (at my Mac) so can’t check other widths yet.
Are you having the same problem as you did with this post?

Is it in all browsers?

All looks fine here on Chrome.

Thanks for looking. It should be a responsive grid of images - intended to be 3 wide and 2 high on a desktop, down to 1 wide on a mobile. When I preview it looks great, but when I publish it is a low res 1 wide and 6 high on Safari and Firefox on my Mac. Clearing the cache makes no difference.

I get 2-high rows on desktop. If it’s wide enough (past 1500 px), it’ll allow a 4th image to sneak onto the first row, leaving 2 images on the second row.

Going off of responsive design view, here’s what I get:

  • above 1500 px: 4 images on row 1; 2 images on row 2
  • between 100px and 1499 px: 3 images on both rows
  • between 700-999px: 2 images on row 1; 2 on row 2; 2 on row 3
  • 699 and below: 1 image per row.

That’s the case on Firefox and Chrome for me on a Windows comp. I can’t speak to resolution (or what you’re expecting for resolution) but they look good to me.

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Seeing the same thing Jason @jabostick is seeing on Mac under Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and Safari.
As for image quality, some of the images are smaller than they are being displayed.
Example: Nicole and Mark picture size 384px by 256px display size 1 up (700px screen width) 542px by 361px.
This will cause the browser to “blow up” the image and can seem low res.

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