Photo stack with Iris theme

I’m having s but of difficulty with @nickcates photo stack in Iris. On mobile safari it crashes when I click on a photo to lightbox. On desktop safari it loads then wrong photo into a lightbox half the time and the right one the other half. Has anyone else tried it and had similar problems or am I doing something daft? The URL for the page with the stack in is

There’s something up. What I’m seeing on Chrome under Windows is that after the page loads, when you click on an image, the wrong one loads into the light box. Thereafter, if I close that and click other images, the correct ones load each time.

@nickcates is your man since both the theme and stack are his.


Thanks for confirming it in Chrome too. I’ll wait for @nickcates input - he’s usually ace with customer care.

We are having a problem with some similarities, but only on phone, specifically iPhone 6S: error message when clicking on any photo on photo stack in IRIS while on an iPhones using latest updates. Some say this happens after updating to iOS 10.

Does not happen for us on desktop.

Happens using Safari and Chrome on iPhone, but not some other browsers, for instance, Dolphin.

We are not having the other issues you are having: wrong photo opening, and so on.

Advice on this earlier thread was to reduce the number of images. I tested that and it does seem to work. Hardly ideal, I know.

Thanks for the thread link Frank. Seems to have been a problem for a while to several users. I’m not happy that the developer knows about it but says it is an iOS bug he can’t do anything about when it happens in Chrone too. Still waiting for a reply and urgent fix from @nickcates !


I’m on travel at the moment but I checked out your portfolio site, and have some notes.

On an LTE network, your portfoilio page took 2 minutes and 30 seconds to load, and came in at 128MB of data (!). I understand wanting to show off as many images as you want - in an extremely high quality fashion, but these loading numbers will cause desktop browser to struggle/crawl, and will shut down mobile browsers.

Here’s good practices for this page. You currently have 80+ images… take your very top 25 images, compress them to under 200kb, and I promise people will love seeing your amazing work, loading fast on desktops and mobile browsers. Having 5MB+ images is going to cause very poor mobile performance, with zero visual gains in image quality.

If you absolutely must have 80+ images, take your top 20, then create a link at the bottom of your page to “view more”. Then show the rest of the 60+ images on a sepsarate page (for example).

One more thing, please update to the newest version of Iris 1.4.4

Hope this answer helps!

Thanks for the tips @nickcates

How do I update the Iris theme? Isn’t it automatic?

I’ve tried loading the full page from a cleared cache over a 3G network here in the UK and it took 6 seconds. I appreciate some of the images are over 300Kb but any smaller and the quality is absolutely awful on a retina screen.

The problem isn’t when loading the page though, it is when opening a lightbox. It always crashes on a mobile in Safari (I can’t test it in another browser).


Themes do not update automatically, only with the very most recent RapidWeaver 7 updates - has the ability for in-app updates been introduced. For now, please use Find Order on my homepage to receive the latest verison.

For the mobile issue, some images I checked (at random) were over 5000kb, I’m surpized this batch gallery would load at all, but it’s cool that is does. As for stabiliy though, you can raise your per image KB limit to 300kb, but then have 15-20 at the most in a page. This recommendation is for stable mobile browser performance.

I’m a bit confused regarding where you are seeing the file sizes. I agree they are larger than optimal, but the largest file is 700k. Next largest is 500k. All others are just over 400k or less, with a handful around 200k. Nothing is 5Mb!

I’ve done some more testing. The gallery loads perfectly on all mobile and desktop platforms I’ve tried it on. The lightbox crashes on iPhone 7, but not on iPhone 6 with the same iOS version installed. The lightbox also crashes in Chrome on the desktop but not in any other browser. The issue with the wrong image loading into the lightbox only happens if random thumbnail order is selected.

I need a gallery that can show this many and more images. I am in a very competitive industry and my main competitors seem able to do this, but I’m guessing they have non-rapidweaver platforms. Would warehousing the images make a difference? In your video guide you state warehousing is designed for professional users who need to show a large number of images quickly.

Thanks for the theme upgrade instructions btw.

Ok Chris, I took a deeper look into the issue. First off, just so you know I wasn’t taking crazy pills, here’s an image I grabbed from your batch originally: - at 6.9MB. You must have compressed from then, cause now, the same image comes in at 417kb, which is much better.

To the bigger issue at hand… iOS handling. Photo works like this, when the lightbox is triggered, all images are loaded, so that transitioning is quick - no waiting for each image to load. The downside of this method would be if there’s a HUGE amount of image data to process initially duing lightbox triggering, which is the case with your batch group. In chrome, once I trigger your lightbox, and wait for all images to load, transitions are smooth and quick, but admittedly I do need to wait a while, and most visitors would simply just breeze through your photos without waiting.

Caching all photos upfront, or loading them individually on demand is apples and oranges. I’ll have to add more to my explaination of batch, as there are certainly limits for quality real world results. If you’re looking to load images one at a time, I believe the ProGallery stack works this way:

Hope this answer helps.

Thanks again for the reply and explanation. All the large files were changed before I asked for your input so it must have been a cached version of the page. Thanks also for the ProGallery recommend, but I am a bit disappointed yours doesn’t work as I had expected - perhaps a warning on the product page about image numbers would be a good idea? I feel a bit like I’ve purchased something that isn’t as described, but having looked at ProGallery I prefer the look of Photo so will try to stick with it.

@nickcates ok so I’ve done a bit more testing and I’m finding the gallery too big for a mobile device explanation a bit tricky to buy, but then I’m not that much of a techy. The lightbox works on an iPhone 6 no problem at all. On an iPhone 7 it works in landscape mode but crashes in portrait mode. Surely if the size was crashing the browser then it would work better on a 32GB iPhone 7 than a 16GB iPhone 6, and portrait v landscape would make no difference. It also works well on some android devices, but I don’t have details as to which ones. So it seems like a bug in the stack to me…

Heh, Chris, the guildlines I’ve metioned are “best practices for mobile, when using Photo”. Why an iPhone 6 would work and not an iPhone 7 - under idential circumstances and iOS verisons, I have no idea. That leaves hardware as the variable, and nothing I can change within stacks can solve device specific hardware issues.

If I had an iPhone 7, I’d gladly dig in with testing all this out. As it stands I have an iPhone 6, skip each generation, so mostly will get the iPhone 8 when it rolls out. I wish I had an iPhone 7 to test with though!

Oh well. Thank you for the sentiment Nick. I think you’re a bit far away to borrow my iPhone 7 :smile: