Problem with Sections box on mobile

Very recently I acquired Sections box stack and started to use it and learn how to manage it’s setup, but I’ve found myself with a problem. I used an hovered animation that looks fantastic in desktop, but the moment I open the page on mobile it goes completely bonkers. I know that the hovered animations are not made for mobile, but no matter what I change in the setup about the animation on mobile, it won’t do anything on my behalf. Can someone please help me with my predicament?

The animation stack has a setting to choose how you want it to behave on touch devices where no hover is available.
If you can’t get it sorted, just send me an email to the BWD support address with a simplified project that shows the problem and I will sort it out for you.

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Sorry I didn’t replied before, i got a little busy with a couple of jobs. Thanks for your reply, you’re one hell of a developer.
I did tried the options before, but for some reason it didn’t work well. I think that whatever it was it got completely fix with the last update and now it works just perfect, thank you very much sir.

Thanks for such a great tool, I’m currently in love with it.

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